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Antoine & Aurélie, les fondateurs-designers


On top of being a couple, Antoine and Aurélie founded ANÄU Paris ( for ANtoine et AUrélie) in 2017, a gold plated sterling silver and fine jewelry brand. Say ANAO. Between both designers, Aurelie currently holds a position of Marketing and communication, Antoine holds a position of business and trade. When she was a child, Aurelie used to drow and she was passionated about fashion and jewelry. Over the years, she had an increasingly distinct taste with age. As her cousin was diamond dealer in Paris, she dreamt about becoming jewelry designer. She couldn’t help being fascinated by gemstones and jewels. As regards Antoine, he has a very high taste for decoration and vintage design from the 50’ till the 80’. He gives all his sensitivity for the brand image. Aurélie studied marketing and business and she began to develop her creativity in the cosmetics sector. They both wanted to start their own business together. In 2017, they launched their jewelry collection with their brand ANAU Paris. They drew and created 2 collections, the first trendy one in gold plated sterling silver, 18K and 5 microns, the other luxury one, in real 18K gold with gemstones.

"We always loved the way a new piece of jewelry could really make a women feel special and beautiful - the confidence and certain allure that came from these special pieces. We wanted to take that feeling and harness it into our designs. We want to make each woman wearing a piece of ANAU Paris feel special and beautiful...not just on special occasions but everyday. To feel like they are "taken care of." We truly feel that women, are one of a kind, and something as personal as jewelry should reflect that. That's why we designed our line to be delicate and strong...Pieces that become like your second skin. Pieces that women can wear day-to-day, illuminating their own natural inner beauty and spirit."